12 Youtube Video Ideas for 2020

In this article, we will provide you 10 YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS so that you can start your channel and making videos with these ideas. So please look at all of the ideas so that you will know about your passion for which you want to work. If you are not getting views on your channel then read this article How to rank videos on youtube with Youtube SEO in 2020.

How does the list work?

This is where the 12 Youtube Video Ideas is provided in which you can select and can make the video stand and generate so many subscribers. Make this type of video you will definitely get success in the future if you work with 100 percent hard work.

Read the full article and save this because this will help you in the future also for your youtube videos to make a video.

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So lets start,


1. Introduce Yourself

In this, you have to show your life by giving the answer like Who are you? What do you do?

2. Make A Response Video

This is the video where you can make response videos like if you do not agree with any YouTuber than you can make videos and make the videos on the random comments videos.

3. Start A Vlog

Make the vlogs and show your lifestyle and gain an audience with this you can generate the DIY heart fan of yours and make them do what you say, You can watch the video of Casey Neistat. He is the best vlogger.

4. An Opinion Video

Opinion videos like the videos on politics and the bad thing to happen in the world you can pick that topic and give your opinion.Like coronavirus at this time.

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5. A Challenge Video

These are the videos where you can make a challenge like the mo vlogs he takes credit card and give to random people to buy whatever they want. Look at the video of mo vlogs and take some idea:

6. Review Something!

Take a thing which you know about anything of that and review that and make a proper video and publish this is the best youtube video idea for you if you have knowledge about something like a movie review.

7. What’s On My Phone?

You can make the best app to use ? or something related to the Phone.

8. Favorite Songs

Make a video on the best song which you like and this is the best idea for youtube to the people who like the music.

9. Favorite Movies

Same as music best movie to watch like this you can make the videos and generate so much traffic to the youtube channel of yours.

10. Favorite Sports

Discuss the sports to your audience they connect and watch all video of your this can be the best for the views who like football or some other sports.

11. Favorite TV Shows

Make videos about the Favorite TV Shows which are trading in the market. So people will watch so that they get the best show for each.

12. Make A Comedy Skit

People on YouTube love to laugh, and chances are you’re no different. Grab a camera and some friends to make something funny happen!


This is the full article on 12 Youtube Video Ideas for 2020. I hope you get the information and can apply to the gam. If you want you can read our more articles. if you have any query comments down below I will answer your query.

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