What Headphones Do YouTubers Use in 2020

In this article, you will know What Headphones Do YouTubers Use. So keep read the full article you will get the information When it comes to the listing music so there are the things you can live without and some that you cant. One of the best thing which will give you enhancing your experience is a pair of good quality headphones or headsets.

The headphone that YouTuber use is the best headphone in the market for playing the games or listening to music with hearing as many frequencies as possible. Headphones are the best products that will provide you the improving nearly any experience when it comes to audio.

What Headphones Do Famous YouTubers Use?

So let’s look one by one which headphone YouTuber use and the feature of the headphone. This method will be the best way to get a good indication of quality and experience as it tried and tested.

Let’s start the look at the best headphones and headsets that famous YouTubers use so you want to know about them.So lets jump right into it!

What Headphones Does Leafy Use?

What Headphones Do Famous YouTubers Use?

You probably know the Leafy, He started his youtube channel in the year 2011 with the upload of a few simple gaming videos and also some of the greatest humour.  As in this time he has over 4.47M subscribers and growing so much fast.

He uses the Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones which is one of the best headphone for youtube.


The headphone is so much best for the game and for the music to listen this will provide the max feature in the less price range you can buy this and use., You will be love to use without any issue.

The company  Sennheiser is the gold standard when it comes to the headphones so don’t be shocked to see this in the list more time. Leafy does not show his face in the video stands make so much best video.

Feature of headphone

  • Open-back headphones
  • Padded leatherette ear pads
  • Universal compatibility
  • 3 metre and 1.5 metre cables included

What headphones does Markiplier use?

What Headphones Do Famous YouTubers Use?

If you don’t know him then you are missing the best content on youtube. Markipiler is one of the biggest YouTube gamers out there with over 25.7M subscribers and also more than 13,087,384,152 You can imagine he is one of the best and big YouTuber.

So if you want to what headphone does Markiplier use? So he is Currently using the Sennheiser HD 598 Cs Closed Back Headphone. This headphone which he uses the same as the leafy except the color difference.


You can think that 2 big YouTuber is using these same headphones, it is a great indication of the value of these headphones.

If you are searching for the best headphone which YouTuber uses and wants to buy. I recommend you to go with this is my personal favorite.

Feature of headphone

  • Open-back headphones
  • Padded leatherette ear pads
  • Universal compatibility
  • 3 meter and 1.5-metre cables included

What Headphones Does KSI Use?

What Headphones Do Famous YouTubers Use?

In the above image, we can say that KSi loves headphones. The game which he plays is so much intense and falling on the floor laughing.

You can check out this best tripod for youtube for making the best videos with the help of a tripod.

KSI Use the  Tritton Kunai’s for so much of time then he suddenly shifted to the “premium” headphones such as the Turtle Beach Ear Elite’s and the Bose QuietComfort 25’s but the Tritton Kunai’s is also one of the best headphones for youtube with the most recognizable with the blood-red color and unique design. 


Both of the headphone which KSi uses is top notch and provide the fantastic audio feedback and are extremely comfortable to wear for hours. This is the best you can buy because most the headphone which YouTuber use is the top-level headphone only.

What Headphones Does PewDiePie Use?

What Headphones Do Famous YouTubers Use?

Do I have to introduce PewDiePie? As I knew who is reading this they all know because he is the biggest and highest earnings YouTuber ever! 100 million subscribers and counting.

You can also check What Headphones Do PewdiePie Use 2020? for the full information about the headphone PewDiePie use.

You can also check How Much Does PewDiePie Make? Full YouTube Earnings Report! this if you are interested in the earning of the PewDiePie with the youtube.

He plays so many games and records and uploads on youtube so it is important that he has a pair of headphones that are up for the challenge. Recently the new Felix has been rocking the Sennheiser G4ME ZERO PC Gaming Headset. This is the best and surprisingly affordable headset for a multi-million dollar YouTuber.

Feature of headphone

  • Closed back design 
  • Light weight XXL ear cups
  • Noice cancelling mic with auto muting
  • Foldable design

What Headphones Does Summit1g Use?

What Headphones Do Famous YouTubers Use?

Summit1g is one of the best players of CsGo and he plays and streams in the Twitch and YouTube. He has the full hardcore fanbase. The most famous of the stream is that the reaction which is borderline crazy and hysterical.

The headphone which Summit1g has been using is the Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X Open-Air Headphones. the headphone best for the gameplay, Provide the best feature.

It is the open-air design so with this you get someone seriously powerful headset.

Feature of headphone

  • Advanced 53 mm drivers 
  • Open-air design 
  • 3D Wing Support for comfort
  • User-friendly controls

What Headphones Does Miniminter Use?

What Headphones Do Famous YouTubers Use?

The Miniminter channel started in the year  2008 and in this year he has so much massive amount of following and millions of loyal subscribers. You will find him in chumming with other big YouTube stars like KSI.

So what headphones does Miniminter use? He is using the moved over to the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO. The headphone is the best and kings of comfort and clarity.

Feature of headphone

  • Bass Reflex Technology
  • Great high and mid-range
  • Sturdy headband construction
  • CableSoft ear cushions

What Headphones Does Sodapoppin Use?

What Headphones Do Famous YouTubers Use?

Sodapoppin is one of the best beasts when it comes to online gameplay. the channel of his not so much big but he makes up for it with quality and entertaining gameplay. You can see her in Twitch or YouTube. He plays so many best games and entrains the best YouTuber in the gaming field.

The headphone Sodapoppin is the  Sennheiser HD 800 Reference Dynamic Headphones. This is also one of the best headphones which provides the best quality of voice.

The headphone is one of my favorite headphones not because it is so much expensive because it provides the best features with the good quality of audio.

The best light for TikTok if you are a TikToker then check this out.

This is only one which is so much expensive on the list.

Feature of headphone

  • Sound pressure level at 1 kHz: 102 dB 
  • Impedance: 300 Ohms
  • Great Frequency Response
  • Contact pressure: approx. 3.4 N ± 0.3 N


This is the full article on What Headphones Do YouTubers Use in 2020. Hope you liked the article If you have any quart related to this article you can comment down below.


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