What Does Unlisted Mean on YouTube?

The youtube is a platform where people sharing videos for business and personal purposes but in some cases, the person does not want to see the world which the video uploaded. When you visit the youtube setting you will find the unlisted but how secure your unlisted video is. In this article, you will know abi=out the What Does Unlisted Mean on YouTube? and more so stick to the article and read full.

What does unlisted mean on YouTube?

The unlisted mean in the youtube that if the video is unlisted then the video can be seen by the people who have the video link. It will not show in public places, such as search results, your channel, or subscriber feeds. But the video can appear publicly if shared in playlists or embedded on a website.

That is simple to understand the meaning of unlisted on YouTube. If you want the videos of yours to secure as possible that time best solution is to make the youtube video private.

The article is the full ultimate guide with the instructions to public vs. private vs. unlisted YouTube videos and how to manage video privacy on YouTube.

What does unlisted mean on YouTube?

People make the youtube channel for so many reasons. For the personal or the private. In some time there are so many who create videos that are unlisted.

To know the better understanding of the meaning of the unlisted YouTube video lets first look at what a public YouTube video is. Then we will discuss about the difference between unlisted and private YouTube videos. There are so many types of pros and cons to each and in this, we will see the best privacy settings for your YouTube videos can vary on a case-by-case basis.

If the video of your is unlisted then tit is so much harder to click the Youtube video in the research paper.

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What is a public YouTube video?

The public video is the video that can be seen by anyone on youtube. It can view on youtube search results as well as in the search results right on Google.

For example, when I searched the “DOGS” in google the result is the youtube video that video is public that why it shows.-

What is a public YouTube video?


Why use public YouTube videos?

The public YouTube videos are used for the branding and looking for the growth of your audience this can be done bt the public video settings.

This would use n the following situation:

  • If you have the business and share the videos about your business and share videos with the prospects and customers. The videos which you can make are instructional videos, product reviews, explainer videos, commercials, and more!
  • Make money from youtube by making videos like the vlog and more.
  • Want to grow your personal brand with the share of the lifestyle and more.
  • You want the subscriber to achieve the play buttons.

If you are sharing the youtube video in the public if you delete then also people can see even if you change setting then also people around the world can reach and see the video of your channel.

If you are uploading the video in the video with the setting of the public then ask this question first with your self then only upload the video if you are able to do this thing.

  • My boss can see the Youtube video?
  • Can this keep me from getting a job?
  • The video can any oner consider offensive or harassing?
  • If my friend see what is the reaction of her?

If you want to upload the video then its great for you and think long when you make the video public.

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YouTube private vs unlisted videos

If the public video can not best for you then what can you do? What’s the difference between unlisted and private videos? let’s see what is it:

What is an unlisted YouTube video?

The unlisted video is the video that can be seen by the people who have the link without the link they can’t see in the channel of your also.

If you are looking for a way by which you don’t want the video to be public and come on the search result of google and youtube and want to show the videos to some people who want to watch then you can use this unlisted method. This unlist method can be the best way for you to go with it.

But if the link which you share with anyone then the person shares it can be visible If you have the  Highly sensitive information then you should have to do the privacy settings.

Why use unlisted YouTube videos?

  • To share the video with the friends and family
  • When you are doing the webinar or something other video content and that you wanted to show the select customers and prospects
  • At the time, when the channel of your is having a large number of videos which you want to clean, but you still want access for people who embedded the video
  • Want to get the video feedback from co-workers and wanted to do the market research with a focus group
  • Applying job applications when you that timeshare the video link for the online resumes and portfolios

What is a YouTube private video?

The private video is the videos that can see by the people who you give permission to watch.Even if anyone has the link at that time also they cant watch the video of your which is private when you give access then only that person can see.

The private video is the most secure type of video on YouTube. Not like the unlisted which can be seen by the one which has the link.The person who has the permission that cant is to share the video with the other people.

The private video on youtube has some limit, if you want to share the video with more than 50 people then this is bad for you because the youtube has the limit of 50 only.

Why use private YouTube videos?

  • Share the video with the internal company
  • Have family video which you did not want to take a risk with by seeing the video by the strangers
  • Storage for personal purpose
  • Upload the video first and then schedule it will be shared publicly on YouTube

The last one which, most of the people use private videos.If you want the storage to reduce then so many people do the upload of the videos on youtube and make that private and get relief from the storage. They still keep my content without running out of storage space on my phone.

The charts help you to understand quickly who can view public, private, and unlisted YouTube videos.

Can people watch my video if I send them the URL?YesNoYes
Can anyone see my YouTube video if it is embedded in a landing page?YesNoYes
Does my video show up in YouTube searches, related videos, and recomm.?NoNoYes
Will the video be posted on my YouTube channel?NoNoYes
Will my video show in subscriber feeds?NoNoYes
Will my video appear in public playlists on YouTube?YesNoYes
Do people need a YouTube account to see my video?NoNoYes
Can the video be added to a section of my YouTube channel?YesNoYes

If you are confused about the fence between unlisted and private I will suggest you choose unlisted because :

The disadvantage of private YouTube videos

You have the secret video and wanted to not show to anyone, that time private option for you is good. If anyone wants to see the video which is private then they should have the YouTube account (And be logged in to it). Who has the Gmail account created the person only can see the video of yours.

This is not a problem because in this time majority off people have Google accounts.Their is 2 main reasons to when you are making a YouTube video private:

1. Some people aren’t all that tech savvy

In this time also there are so many people who are not able to remember the password or there are people who don’t have a Gmail account also. If I want to share the private videos I have to first make calls and tell them to make the Gmail account then I will send them then they can watch. That is so much difficulty and also not good for the long run.

I have only made the account of their so think about before you make the private your videos.

2. Company firewalls and security settings

If you are the person who is sharing the video for the company purpose then the co-workers will have not only the Gmail account only they have to login in also.

If the company does not use the Goggle for the business purpose then its a problem and also you have to make sure there are no firewalls blocking access to personal Google and YouTube accounts.

But if they are seeing videos from the personal YouTube accounts at work some people may be not even log in because of the fear their company may be able to see their private information.

How to create an unlisted YouTube video

Providing the instruction follow this step so that you can create an unlisted YouTube video. If you want to become YouTuber then read this article How to become Youtuber in 2020. so let’s start :

1. Visit your YouTube channel and add a video

First of all login into your youtube account.

Once you have reached the youtube channel then click on to the button in the upper-right corner. the button looks like the little video camera.

From that button, two new buttons will come you have to click on the  “Upload video.”Look at the image which is provided.

How to create an unlisted YouTube video

2. Choose “unlisted” in your YouTube video settings

Now you have to import the video which you want to unlist.

First, select your video’s YouTube privacy settings!

To do like click on the word “Public.” then you have to select the drop-down menu that appears, choose the word “Unlisted.”

3. Upload your YouTube video

You have to know to upload the video of yours. Then says  “Select files to upload.” click in this.


What Does Unlisted Mean on YouTube?

If you have missed the 2 step then also you can unlist the video from this step before the video publish.

Once you have started uploading your video then you see the screen that looks like the image shown here.  see the image right side you’ll find a menu that starts with the word “Save or Public.”

Select the button and then you will get the 3 buttons then click on the “unlisted”.

What Does Unlisted Mean on YouTube?

3. Upload your YouTube video

In the last you have to only click to the save option then the video will be published.

What Does Unlisted Mean on YouTube?


That all you have done to create an unlisted YouTube video. I hope you understand the whole process and it is so much easy to do.

4. Share your video’s link

As you have done publishing the video then you will get the page which I mention in the bottom. You have only copied the URL and share it with anyone you’d like to see your video.

What Does Unlisted Mean on YouTube?

You have so many social media buttons pictured to share your video on other platforms. this means that if you share anyone can see the video who has the link.

How to share a video that’s unlisted on YouTube

We have seen how to share an unlisted video immediately after publishing. If you have published video and want to share the link of the video which you’ve published days, weeks, or months ago then look at the interaction.

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1. Go to YouTube Studio and view all of your videos

Go to the viewing all of your videos in the youtube studio. You will get the yt manager. If you not getting the things then keep reading I will show you.

What Does Unlisted Mean on YouTube?

2. View the unlisted video on YouTube

First click on the  row of the video you plan to share.

Then you find the Youtube logo button in the unlisted video click on that. When you hover over that icon, the words “View on YouTube” will appear.

Have to click on this icon.

What Does Unlisted Mean on YouTube?

3. Click on the share button

You have click on the share button.If you want to  share a link, embed your unlisted video, or share it on social media, this is the way you can do.

What Does Unlisted Mean on YouTube?

Once you have done the click then you will find all the options you need:

  • Link sharing: To text or email your video, copy the link the arrow is pointing to.
  • Embedding: To embed your video, click on the first button pictured under “Share a link.” There you’ll find the video code you need.  
  • Social media shares: Use any of the buttons pictured to share on Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms


So this is the article on What Does Unlisted Mean on YouTube?. I hope you liked the article so please if you have any query comment down below I will answer your query.

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