What camera do YouTubers use in 2020

Knowing which camera does YouTubers use is best for you if you are interested in making like their videos with good quality of video and audio then you can buy that camera which they are using. The best thing about youtube is there are so many channels and they use a different camera. This means that the type of cameras needed can vary depending on what you decide to capture.

The vlogger needs a lightweight camera with stability, The Casey Neistatcameras make best quality videos with her camera. If you are recording videos or shooting in a studio-like MKBHD. Having a larger camera for pans is best.

Below is the list of the camera of the youtube/vlogger which they use. The favorite YouTuber of your use this camera only. This list you find a lot of different YouTube/Vlogging cameras which they use.

Canon G7X1080P HDYesNo$$$ 4.7Find Out More+
Canon 70D1080P HDYesYes$$$$ 4.8Find Out More
Canon PowerShot 1201080P HDNoNo$$ 4.6Find Out More
Sony Cyber-shot RX100 IV1080P HDYesNo$$$ 4.7Find Out More

we will update this list when YouTuber change their camera.

So What Kind of Cameras Do YouTubers Use? Let’s start and jump in!

What Of the Camera Does YouTuber Casey Neistat Use?

What Of the Camera Does YouTuber Casey Neistat Use?

The Casey Neistat loves to use his canon cameras. Each one of these cameras have their own differences and be benefits. Casey Neistat mostly uses canon 80d.

The most famous and recognized camera in blogging is canon 80D. The Casey Neistat has a setup like a canon 80D is at the top of Joby GorillaPod with a canon 10-18mm lens. This can be the best vlogging camera for every youtube because it has a flip screen, optical imagine stabilization and continuous autofocus with professional quality video.

The second camera of Cassy is canon G7X Mark II when Cassy doesn’t use the Canon 80D at that time he uses this camera only. The Canon G7X Mark II is compact and small and is mid to top range the best feature of this is a flip screen and optical image stabilization to name just a few.

The last and the third camera Cassy use is the canon PowerShot 120. The main reason for using this camera is that it is incredibly quick and close to being indestructible. This is also so much popular and used by so many youtube vloggers. If you want to learn about the best Lighting Equipment you can use.

What Kind Of Camera Does YouTuber FunForLouis Use?

What camera do YouTubers use in 2020

If you are wanting FunForLouis vlogs then you will probably know that he used to travel so much around the world and metering to so many people and have fun with them.

Since the FunForLouis travel so much and capture the footage in the camera, its a good to know that he has refined the art of traveling with a camera. The camera you see in the vlogs he uses the compact camera. This means that the camera he uses is easy to be kept in the backpack.

The main vlogging camera of the FunForLouis is the Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 IV. Louis travels so much that why he uses this camera and the best part about this camera is that it has all the facilities of the DSLR and doesn’t think it is small so not the best camera.

The reason for using this camera is this can shoot 4k videos and has the feature of flip screen, record the best quality of video with clear sound with the onboard microphone and it has the quick continuous autofocus and heaps more!

When Louis don’t use the Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 IV at that time he uses the camera G7X. It is so much popular because it provides all box functions for YouTubers and every vlogger uses this camera in their life it has the feature of continuous autofocus, optical stabilization and the best feature flip screen, great video quality, with a good wide/zoom lens.

What Kind Of Camera Does YouTuber MKBHD/Marques Brownlee Use?

What Kind Of Camera Does YouTuber MKBHD/ Marques Brownlee Use?

MKBHD is one of the best and famous Tech YouTube channels out there and So you can expect so much by him to be using some epic cameras for his videos.

The fort camera which MKBHD uses is the Canon C100. The camera is so much professional and this used by MKBHD for the pro videographers. It develops so much best quality that allows MKBHD to make crispy videos.

The second camera which is used by the MKBHD is the Red Scarlett, the price of this camera is comparable to a medium-sized sedan. The money you can pay for this camera because it has outstanding performance and second to none video quality.As he was the tech YouTuber so he can buy and make the best quality videos.

The third camera used by the MKBHd is the Sony RX100. This camera is also so much popular in the youtube field and used by so many YouTubers.The MKBHd uses this camera for products to shoot and this camera provides the best quality.

What Kind Of Camera Does YouTuber RomanAtwood Use?

What Kind Of Camera Does YouTuber RomanAtwood Use?

The RomanAtwood is a most famous YouTuber/vlogger and has a total of 15.3M subscribers since he was having so many subscribers he uses the best camera for making vlogs for youtube.

The camera which he uses is mostly the same as the FunForLouis.There is because they both use the best camera in the market which gives the best quality of the video to make for youtube. For the daily vlogs, the RomanAtwood use the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 IV this is because every popular YouTuber/vlogger uses this camera only for making videos.

The Sony RX100 provides the best quality to shoot video and has a lot of features in a compact device that doesn’t get in the way when filming the surroundings around yourself. Some of the best features are of this camera is the quality,4k recording good onboard microphone, flip screen and the best part of the good battery life.

When he doesn’t use Sony RX100 at that time he uses Canon G7X .The canon g7x used by every youtube that travels a lot. The feature are repeated so many times because it is used by so many YouTuber in this list.

Since he travels so much he wants a compact camera that is canon G7x.

What Camera Does Peter McKinnon Use?

Peter mckinnon cameras

When we talk about the person who has got success in very little time, Peter McKinnon is the man of this. He started his channel in 2017 and now he has gone onto to attract a serious fan base and millions of subscribers.

what camera does he use to make videos?

Well after so much time pass, we can see that Peter is using a Canon EOS-1DX Mark II DSLR Camera which is the most and the top camera of the canon that one can buy. The camera can capable of shooting photography and video and is the powerhouse for capture. With the camera, The full-frame sensor that is capable of capturing 14 fps in RAW format.

This is the one top Camara of cannon which can captures video in crispy 4K.

Hopefully, the article, What camera do YouTubers use in 2020 you like to read and get all camera which is used by so many famous YouTuber/vloggers.

If you want any other YouTuber camera to know then please comment I will update this post.


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