How to Stream PUBG Mobile on YouTube and Twitch?

There are several reasons why people enjoy streaming online games. Some just like to sit back and love the fun of watching other people play games. It helps people to understand the concept and ideas of the game better by watching professional gamers. Most gamers go live nowadays because that is an excellent way to interact with people rather than just recording the game and uploading it later. The people also feel connected and have a better understanding of the game. Many games are streamed live, but the most talked-about is Player Unknown BackGround or better known as PUBG. This game is about a group of players that arrive on an island, and the last person to survive through all levels is the ultimate winner and is greeted with “chicken dinner.” Here is how you can stream PUBG mobile live on both YouTube and to stream pubg mobile on youtube

How to stream PUBG mobile on YouTube?

These are some of how you can stream PUBG mobile on YouTube.

StreamlabsHelp Youtuber

Streamlabs allows you to stream live on YouTube as well as Twitch. It is one of the best applications available for streaming games live on mobile. This application is rich in features, one of them being the use of the microphone as most apps do not have this feature. You can also chat, set the layout, etc. Streamlabs is a crowdfunding platform that offers innovative tools to its broadcasters for the best live streaming experience.

Omlet Arcadeomlet arcade

With the help of this app, you can stream on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. This application is free and available for Android and IOS devices.  You can broadcast your games online while the world watches you play. This application has the feature of discovering more about your favorite games. It offers a decent streaming quality and is very easy to use. Omlet Arcade is the best platform for powering up your gaming experience. You can chat, record and stream from your mobile, and it does not require you to leave the game for it.

How to stream PUBG mobile on Twitch?

Twitch is another app that can be used to stream PUBG live on your mobile.


If you want to watch your favorite Twitch streamers or use it as a vlogging platform, this app is a great option. You can also stream IRL using your mobile’s camera and mic. Open Broadcaster Software or OBS is a popular streaming software. OBS lets you record or stream games from your PC, Mac and your Android as well.


As mentioned earlier, Streamlabs is a more comfortable option and can be used with the Twitch app. Streamlabs has an Android app available in the Play Store, which makes streaming on Twitch super easy. Streamlabs focuses on making streaming impressive and fun. It also has a Do-Not-Disturb option as well. All you need to do is download the app and sign in to your Twitch account. Set up your screen and camera, if you want to add more widgets, there is an editor section. Grant the mic and audio permissions. After all this, press the red stream button in the center, input your stream information, and hit OK and now your life.

Streaming helps you connect with several people all over the world. Another reason people like to stream online is that they get to see their favorite gamer’s creativity and skill. Live streaming helps to create a community because it is being used now and then. There are spontaneous topics to discuss over, there are debates, ideas can be exchanged, LIVE streams can be used widely for social media, sports, and most of all for video games. So if you want to stream live, just follow these few steps, and you are good to go.

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