How to rank videos on youtube with Youtube SEO in 2020

If you are the person who creates youtube videos and struggling for your videos not ranking on youtube then read this How to rank videos on youtube with Youtube SEO in 2020 full article you will get all the SEO tips and tricks to rank your videos on youtube.

Let’s start, The main factor which youtube observe in your videos is how much your videos getting watch time on it.

What is SEO in youtube?

Search engine optimization(SEO) in youtube is when a keyword is searched the first results which are showing is how we can rank in the first position is known as SEO. we have to optimize the channel and youtube videos to rank and get so many viewers on the channel.

Youtube SEO involves so many types of optimizing your channel, playlists, metadata, description, and the video’s thumbnails. You can do SEO for your videos for search both within and outside of YouTube.

The most power full SEO is to generate the best title for your video which is the keyword of your video that you want to rank.

The main SEO is to create your own style of uploading videos like if you are uploading irregular then start uploading time to time. you can upload videos every day or alternate days but has to make the same days of gape.

How does the youtube search work?

The goggle owns the youtube and helped launch it to powerhouse status in video search. The youtube and google share their data. The best part of uploading your videos on youtube is instant indexing and don’t have to create a sitemap for this. There is no wait, your videos get instant crawl and start to rank.

The videos get viral only, when goggle understand the video what it is about. You have to provide the heading so that the google can understand.  And since search engine, bots cannot watch your videos so they rely on accompanying text data to index them properly.

The obvious text associated with a video is, of course for its title. Description and tags are also key think to rank videos but so many YouTubers don’t know and realize that closed captions and transcripts can positively impact user engagement, watch time, viewership, and of course, SEO.

Step #1: YouTube Keyword Research

The steps began the video you make first you have to search keywords for your video.

How to find the best keyword for your videos:-

The best and my method to search on youtube is the suggestion list. The suggested keywords are the keywords that are searched by the people who want that topic video. Make a list that and add in your video by which you can get so many views on your videos and rank your video.

Add the keywords in the title and description and in the keyword section when you are uploading videos.

How to find the best keyword for your videos

Step #2: Publish a High-Retention Video

You have done researching keyword then you have to make a video will include the keyboard in the video with the best audio and video quality.

You want to viral video then you have to make your audience watch the full. The amount in which the people watch your video is called Audience Retention.

The more is the Audience Retention the more have the probability to rank the video and go viral the video.

HOW do you create a video that keeps people engaged?

The most important part to keeps people engaged is to create the video which the watcher wants to watch with the best and attractive thumbnails to get the clicks on your video and make the first 2 minutes very interesting.

The article rank when there is a backlink from an authority site like a vise the youtube videos rank with the move Audience Retention.

5 more ranking factors:-

  • Video Comments
  • “Subscribes” After Watching a Video
  • Video Shares
  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Video Length

These 5 are also so much effect the video to rank so you have to manage this all 5 thinks to rank.

Video Comments

If in your youtube video anyone comments at that time it sends a strong message to YouTube that they probably enjoyed the video (or at least engaged with it).

Make sure that you ask any question or like any thinks to comment your audience it is so much best single to rank your youtube video and also you reply to comments.

“Subscribes” After Watching a Video

The viewer videos your video and subscribes that send a huge single e to youtube that your video is amazing.

Tell in your videos to subscribe to the channel so that people will subscribe to your channel this is the best way. In the last of the videos, you can tell people to subscribe.

Video Shares

The videos will share the videos will be rank because by the sharing of your video the social traffic will come which youtube wants and tell in the video to your audience to share the video.

Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

The Click-Through-Rate (CTR) also matters so much for ranking how many people are clicking to your videos. You can get so many clicks by creating a catchy thumbnail for your videos.

Suppose your video is in 3 rd position and everyone is clicking to your video then your video moves up and came to the first position and if not get click then it came to down.

Video Length

The video will be longer then the probability will the more to rank the video.

Step #3: YouTube Video Optimization

Video Title

The title of the video is should be at least 5 words long which will help in ranking the youtube video. In heading you can put your target keyword.

I have noticed that when the keyword is in the beginning in the video then the possibility to rank video is so much high.


The description of your video matter so much. The video description helps YouTube and Google understand the context of your video. You can include your keywords in the first 25 words, make the description at least 250 words include your keyword 2-4 times

The description of your video tells the google and youtube that what your video is about without being spammy.


Tags are super important for your videos to rank the tags which you have provided in that keyword the video will be rank.

The first tag is you can use is the main topic.

Let’s suppose

The main keyword is “google SEO” then You can add a keyword like “Google search engine optimization” you can make more keyword like “Link building”, “Content marketing”

Use a minimum of 5 to 6 tags in your video which tag is searched on youtube.


These is all tricks and tricks to rank videos on youtube in 2020. Do this all think you will get your videos first on youtube.


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