How to become Youtuber in 2020

Who is a Youtuber?

The person who makes the videos and publish on youtube that person is called YouTuber.There are so many types of YouTubers like gaming, vlogging, etc. You can also become Youtuber if you make videos that are full of value of content that the audience likes to watch to get information or for fun.

Becoming YouTuber is not so much easy task like making a piece of cake, first for a few months you struggle so much because you won’t get the views and depressed and you can also leave youtube, don’t do that, make videos you will definitely get the views.

Whichever YouTuber video you watch then go to the first videos of the YouTuber and watch they don’t make the best videos and don’t get many views on that because they started at a time with no investment.

If you are creative and have any skill that you can make video and uploading youtube then only you can become a success full YouTuber.

Here is the checklist which you have to follow to become a YouTuber and get success in youtube

How to Become a YouTuber – The best Checklist

  • Decide on Your Niche
  • Outline Your Channel Goal
  •  Purchase the right equipment
  • Learn how to market yourself
  • Focus on stunning thumbnails design
  • Learn how to network
  • Improve your positioning with YouTube SEO
  • Conclusion

Decide on Your Niche

The first step you have to do is to search for the best niche and the industry to make videos on it. It is so much easy for your mind to divert in so many niches and make videos on every topic. If you make all the topic video in the one youtube channel that would not get you so many views. You have made videos on one niche only in which you are best.

For example, fitness is the niche, YouTubers could create content about workouts and healthy eating.

This is the best way to make your channel authorized and to make your audience focus on your topic. The consistency to upload videos is so much good for the ranking factors of your channel. You can rank videos on youtube with Youtube SEO.

When you started your channel with full focus on specific niches and make videos with consistency then you would get reach to the targeted audience.

If you want to make videos on another niche then you can do the same as  Drea Ocejo. First, she started making videos on the topic of health and fitness. When she gets so many numbers of subscribers then she started making categories and creates videos on fashion, travel, and beauty.

How to become Youtuber in 2020

Outline Your Channel Goal

You want to know about what videos you make, tutorial videos, help people by creating information videos, top 10, How-tos? or just share your life experience.

You have to outline your channel what you want to achieve so that you will have the direction to make videos. It will help you to be consistent in the youtube.

For example, Mumbaikar Nikhil who only focus on vlogging and make videos of her life and publish in the youtube.

Purchase the right equipment

If you want to make money so, you have to do investment also. Don’t think that you have to invest so much money, you only invest a little amount of money. The equipment which you purchase is not so much costly. You can find so many cheap equipments for youtube. The first thing which you have needed is a good camera. What camera do YouTubers use?. The smartphone can be the best for starting your youtube journey.

You have to just focus on you are recording video when the lighting condition is good. Even the expensive DSLR also records bad quality in the light is not best.

Top 5 Best Lighting Equipment For YouTube Videos 

The audio quality matter more than the video quality so you should have the mic which is cheap but best for your video recording.


Learn how to market yourself

On youtube, you have to create your own brand which people should know. The people know the brand and trust in your video and the views of your video increase. You need to market yourself with the best methods so that you can build your own character so that you can be unique and interesting enough to make a difference. You have to create a true “character”.

Focus on stunning thumbnails design

I knew there are so many people who think that this is a thumbnail only, but the thumbnail only gets you the success because if your thumbnail is catchy then only the person will click to your videos and watch. These days most of the views came from the thumbnail only.You have to focus so much on your thumbnail to create beast and catchy which a person watches and clicks.

The thumbnail should have fancy graphics and vibrant colors have a much higher chance to entice a user into clicking it and watching your video. There are so many tools by which you can create the thumbnail, but most of the YouTubers are the Canva. By Canva you can make the thumbnail and it auto-suggests also so many layouts.

Learn how to network

Help Youtuber

You have ever noticed that there are so many YouTubers who create a collaboration video that is only networking . They both know about how their channel is growing and so many other stuff.

The networking is used in al the plat from like to search for a new job or so many others. The first sted to do networking is to find the right people who can help you broaden your horizons in the YouTubers’ world.  You can start taking in social media first then can meet and make videos for both of your channels and share each other subscribers.

For example:- You Can find so many people who can “boost” your channel or the network with the other YouTubers and they invite them to appear during your videos. When you do this you are featured in their video and the audience came to your channel and can watch your videos and subscribe to your channel.

Improve your positioning with YouTube SEO

Search engine optimization is the thing that you can do and optimize your channel so that it can come in the google or youtube search. When you work on SEO that time you tell the algorism that the what is the video about and in what keyword it can rank so that the algorism can rank your videos.

The youtube SEO is must follow because without the search engine optimization the video of your cant rank so you have to do SEO of your channel to get the views. How to rank videos on youtube with Youtube SEO?

You can promote your channel by so many types by sharing your videos on social media sites and so many other quarry sites and get the views.


The most important thing is that you cant be a YouTuber when you don’t enjoy it when you are making videos you have you passionate about making quality videos. If you start your youtube channel for making money and getting fame in social media then you will be bored to make videos and cant make the best videos for the audience. But if you like to make ideas and want to provide value to the audience then don’t look to the views you create content one day you will be successful.

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