Have you ever here this that the “It’s not the camera, it’s the lens’ quality”.Here is the full article on the one essential DSLR lens you need for youtube vlogging by which you will get known the best lens for youtube.

The statement which is said is so much true. If you ever get the so much expensive camera but with that wrong lens so with that you can use the r laptop’s webcam which can record more than that.

That is why before buying the camera (DSLR) you should have to know about the lens to get.

This is much when you don’t want to end up wasting a lot of money.

That is why I created the post to let you known which the first lens you should buy for any vlogging channel. So let’s start,

Don’t Make this Newbie Mistake

If you are buying the best DSLR to start your vlogging Journey then please hold on.

The worst Mistake Newbie do when buying the camera is they buy the buying the starting lens kit.

Don’t do this cheapo thing.

Only get the body and leave the kit lens to pay less money and invest in a good lens.

If you are starting Volg then this lens would be the best and you are going to LOVE. This does not come with the starting lens kit.

prime lens

It does not matter what camera do you use like the  Canon, Nikon, Sony or any other brand camera. You have to only focus on the prime lens.

The lens is good whatever camera or DSLR you use but the prime lens will work so much good and make the quality of the vlogs so much dashing The lens will always give the outstanding results.

The fixed is the quality of the image that is why it makes a big difference when vlogging.

Here is exactly why:

Why The Fixed Prime Lenses Are Good Camera Lenses for YouTube Vlogging

When the aperture is larger —or a low number f than the lenses allow more light to enter your camera’s sensor. So this is so much important for vlogging.

Fast the lens means the lens that has a large aperture—or a low number f.

The fast lens is so much best for the vloggers because in this the job doesn’t allow you to control lighting. In the vlogging you cant do the lighting setup on that the good camera with the lens has to perform best in the low light.Here is the Top 5 Best Lighting Equipment For YouTube Videos And TikTok Videos.

You have to vlog with what you have but with the prime lens, you can make the best videos in the low light condition also with the help of the feature of the lens to allow your camera to capture more light at any time of the day. the lens just helps the camera to record at the highest quality possible in any situation.

The lens is so much highly luminous that also offer you to capture sharper image compared to the starting kit lenses. Some of the brand like the like Canon which sells the prime lens in the price of a little bit above $100.

It is best because you get :

  • Amazing performance in low light: This lens is used fully for them to lower your ISO and to stop noise from showing up in your videos. This will increase the image-recording quality. You should not always use the lighting kit at all times.
  • Sharper Image: By the use of the prime lens You will get the quality lens compared to the starter kit. This is all grateful and thanks to the higher quality build.
  • No face deformation: Getting the normal-focal-length lens which is 50mm or as close as the 50 mm it will help you to do not suffer from perspective distortion. This is the reason for which you should use. Another example is you shouldn’t record everything with a GoPro.Most of the vloggers in this prefer the wide-angle lens, but you still should try to get as close to 50mm as you can.
  • All of this for a surprisingly low price: The lens which is fixed is not so much expensive and provides the best value for your money. If you can invest more than  $100 then you probably can get an f/1.8 Canon 50mm. This is the only number 1 reason why the lens recommendation when you get a Canon DSLR.

This is the only reason why the first choice should be a 50mm lens. You have to know some more about that the lens you can’t zoom these lenses out. If the lens you use in a 50mm lens on an APS-C DSLR, you will find that you will need to record far away from the camera.

Another lens that you can use if you plan to take the camera with you to record yourself while walking around.

Another Lens you Need to Know

What if you need to record close to the camera?

The worst part of the prime lens is that you cant zooming them out of the 50mm. So it is not possible to use this lens if you want to record yourself selfie mode. The lens could be best to work with poor lighting, but sometimes these won’t do for vlogging.

Help Youtuber

The same formula or you can say the  principle applies:  You will get the prime/fixed lens,but in this the 24mm focal length. come.

If you need the wide then you can aim for one around 18mm but the  24mm  is sufficient for the record your surroundings while avoiding too much perspective distortion.

But this is not as good as the low light as a fixed 50mm but with this, you can able to record yourself standing really close to the camera.

If you want to create the best vlogging setup then you can take this 2 Lens one for them for walking around outside and another one to record from home. you can get a prime 24mm and a prime 50mm.

Basically, you got the following options:

  • You can get the  50mm prime lens to record from home and away from the camera.
  • Also, you can get the 24mm prime lens if you need to carry your camera around with you you need the gorilla pod. You can also check out Top 5 Best Vlogging Tripods For YouTube Creators 2020.
  • Get the 18mm lens to use when you want to show more of your surroundings while holding the camera.

You can consider the  Canon 70D  which costs you an extra $100 with the kit lens so overall costs you need to pay are $275 for both prime lenses one and another one  24mm and one 50mm. The spend of this extra $175 is well worth since by this you are getting the 10 times better quality.

When you go and buy an 18mm lens it gets more a lot more expensive. The 18mm lens, not all brands provide a lot of them only offer 18mm lenses with a variety of focal lengths normally you can get the 18-50mm. The lens in which these multiple focal lengths is more expensive. You have to need to expensive to get the lens of this kind but the best and the good thing is that you can skip buying 24mm and 50mm primes.


This is reason why so many people tell with the experience of buying DSLRs you should have to skip the kit lens. After time passes you need the prime lens so take a decision and buy the prime lens for youtube videos earlier when buying the DSLR. The prime lens also provides high quality and comes at a cheap price. 

I am not saying that you will be famous by using the lens which I am telling you this can only be done if you are creating content best and with the best quality. Your gear will only help you stand out, but if your content is bad, it won’t matter. What really matters is that you will save money by this.

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