Top 10 Best YouTube to MP3 Converters 2020

In this article, you will get the Top 10 Best YouTube to MP3 Converters 2020 so stick to this article we will provide you all information. There are so many people who use to listen to music with youtube in the background and do work I am also like this. Most of the time I listen to the Ted Talks, podcasts or interviews. This is the best way for me to listen to the audio and get knowledge or enjoy the music.

In most cases, I listened to Talks, podcasts or interviews from my mobile phone by downloading the audio of the video in mp3 format and I can listen to it whenever I want to and enjoy it. which exactly is the best method to do this?

You can do it by downloading the video from youtube then exact the audio file in an editing software like Adobe Premier or iMove.But it takes so much time and you have to install the software. You can do download the audio from youtube by the online tool which is so much easy to do. Let’s save time and start so here is my top 10 Best YouTube to MP3 Converters 2020.

Disclaimer: Before you use this 3rd party website to download make sure that that you have permission from the copyright owner of the content. Read YouTube’s terms of service, downloading videos without permission is explicitly prohibited. The article is only for information purposes only.

Top 10 Best YouTube To MP3 Converters

1. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

In the name of this is Free is having so it is free to use to download the audio of the youtube videos. This converter has the feature to add the multiple files to it for conversion, which has to be untouched until it’s finished. The website or converter has the best option to download or convert entire channels from YouTube that what you are looking for but this may be so much time-consuming depending on the number of videos you download.

  • The interface is Well-designed 
  • Support Batch conversions
  • Supports almost all the audio/video formats

This is the best Free YouTube to MP3 Converter that why it is in the first in this article.


You have to do a little amount of click and your work will start to downloading with this converter. The speed of downloading is so much speed depending upon your internet connection and the bulk downloads.


The cons and the fault about this software are not they’re but according to me, the cons could be the design of the software interface which is outdated but still very functional. This is the best audio software to download.

2. Converto

Converto youtube converter

Converto is the software which is a free web-based video/audio converter requiring no special software for its execution. The convert webpage is designed so much simple. You have pasted the URL of the youtube video and you start to download the audio from Youtube video you can also select the format and quality.

So if you want to be a  good online YouTube MP3 downloader this is the best option.


The cover is the good old YouTube to MP3 conversion and the design of the converter is so much easy to use and they don’t tell you to fill up the webpage. The design of this is highly aesthetic.


The feature of this is limited to use to simple conversion. The more is the download link remains valid for 24 hours only.

3. Y2Mate

y2mate converter

This is the best web-based video/MP3 converter. This works only for youtube to convert. The working of this is so much simple to use, First past the URL or the couple keywords, Then the video comes you have to select what you want to download and That’s it the video audio will be download. The orange button is for the audio to download and the green is for youtube videos download.

  • All Audio formats which are popular are supported
  • The website all browser support
  • Don’t need to register in this


The download of the video or audio is free and this website doesn’t take registration which is good part of this. When you have downloaded your Video or audio at that time you also can the finished product to DropBox or Google Drive, instantly making it accessible to all your devices.


The Y2 converter only works with youtube and it does not work with other video sharing websites like Vimeo or Dailymotion. The website is not working properly with the android this the worst drawback of this.

4. Online Video Converter

online video converter youtube

The website based converter makes in this list because it is so much easy to use and we don’t have to download the software addition to download with the best YouTube to MP3 converters. The interface of this website so much simple. This website is the best all-round solution for all sorts of video/MP3 conversions and isn’t just limited to YouTube.

  • No registration in this required.
  • No limitation to download
  • downloads of any software not required


This is the converter that works with all the browsers which are the latest. The downloading speed is also so much fast according to your internet speed. The Website has the feature to select the audio and video formats for yourself. This has the ability to download from so many dozen other video sharing websites. This is the best converter for those who download from so many other platforms.


The huge drawback is that this works with the android but sorry for the ios uses because it doesn’t work due to the software limitations on the default web browser.

5. Convert2MP3

convert2mp3 youtube downloard

Convert2MP3 is working with video sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, and Clipfishallow you to download or convert videos to MP3  with so many easy steps. This site has also no registration in it which is good. The conversation of the videos all depends on almost the size of the video and the total traffic of the website.

  • You have to only past the link directly or enter keywords and select for the video
  • Support to download the audio and can download the Video also


The policy is the number one thing for you and this does not take any registration. The website offers you to customizability, such as so many poping ads to display on the desktop. It also set up the thumbnail as MP3’s cover.


The feature is less but this is the best in the list of the best YouTube to MP3 converters. The only thing you hate is when you click on the top download button it will open advertisement in a new tab.

6. YTD Video Downloader

YTD Video Downloader

This is YTD Video Downloader which provides to convert videos from almost all the media-sharing websites which are best for us the website such as Facebook, Dailymotion, and of course YouTube.The conversion can be doe in all the format which wee have to convert.The feature of this are:

  • Allow to use converter and a player
  • The latest version is much more best and stable than previous releases
  • allow you to resume the download


The program came with so many features like you can edit in the last minutes of download this is done by the batch processing tools. The user experience of this so much good and you can get your download in less click and not take so much time.


The cheap feature which is not there in this is the batch converter doesn’t support batch downloads. In the free version, you cant do a batch download or convert but with the purchase, you can do. The most top issue is that the download speeds have a tendency to drop from time to time.

7. aTube Catcher

atube catcher

aTube Catcher is on my list because it is the only tool that provides truly a lifesaver with all-round features and functionality. The installation process of this so much speed and the interface of this solid. Some of you may think this is outdated but It converts YouTube videos to MP3. It converts in the batch simply put all the links it will start to do. The most beast feature are:

  • Supports almost all the best video formats
  • Copy and paste interface
  • Allow Batch convert


The batch feature of this is the best feature for the people who are looking for Best YouTube to MP3 Converters. Most of the Tools charge for the batch but it doesn’t. The converter has so many addition features as it comes such as a screen recorder, DVD creator and an audio recorder.


The converter only work with the youtube and with the other media sharing it doenot work.

8. YoutubeMP3

youtubeMP3 online converter

The best Converter in my list best YouTube to MP3 converters is the best YouTube to MP3 converters. This website is a one-page website and the interface of this is so much easy to understand and to be used. With this, you can play the output format and volume control to make sure the final file is of your liking. and also you can select the quality of the Mp3 file.

  • Provide all features on a single webpage
  • Supports the best feature with is audio and video outputs
  • Conversion depends totally on the website traffic


This is the best for the people who are looking for the work should be done with less time so this is the best for those people. The website provides you to convert YouTube videos to MP3/MP4, Which is so much the best part of this.


It has the Advertisements feature in this which may open up in a new tab when you click on the webpage or on the Convert button.

9. Any Video Converter

any video converter

The name of this Any Video Converter tells that it will convert any video from social media but the URL of Video which is best. You can do with this is You can get your hands on extra features such as DRM protection removal you purchase then it is so much best for you to use this. In addition, you can check my Top 5 Best Lighting Equipment For YouTube Videos And TikTok Videos.

  • allow Batch conversion
  • free to use for everyone
  • Best interface


It will save so much space of this computer because it is software and you can download this by any browser you are using and convert the YouTuber video. You can do add watermark, crop the video and apply filters to the videos before you are started to convert. The software has the feature to supports almost all media-sharing websites on top of YouTube.


The software comes with so much of installation that will make it all the way to your PC if you’re not careful.

10. Free YouTube Download

free youtube downloader

This software is best and it has made for an uncluttered manner to download & convert YouTube videos. The feature of software are:

  • The Design of this is excellent
  • Has the feature to pick the user to format & quality
  • It can be download so many at a time.


The application has the feature to play means you can take a variety of formats and qualities. You can add you to many multimedia to download at a time and can save the videos and audio.


The worst feature is in this that why it is in last because You can’t download videos with durations for more than three minutes. If you need to download more than 3 minutes then you have to purchase the application or software. And you can not save the videos other than youtube.

How To Download YouTube Videos To MP3

When you have to convert YouTube videos to MP3’s it is so much simple to do. All you need to do is, first you have select the video from which you want to convert then copy the URL. When you get the URL you directly have to paste in the Youtube converter and that’s it converting start.

When you are converting on the website simply you have to open your browser and search for the converter and paste the youtube video link and start the converting and most likely get several options on the type of output audio file that you like.

Once you have done all simply click on download!

It is so much simple are you think. The downloading speed mater on your internet speed can be up and down according to the traffic of the website if you are downloading on the website.



Hopefully, you get the tool that you need and thanks for reading our article if you like to read then please do comment which your words. You can also use these downloader YouTube videos in other ways as you want to use. Take advantage of this tool and use this to take the best output of this.

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