Best YouTube Channels to Learn Guitar In 2020

For a person who grew up knowing music lessons are expensive, I chose to play guitar. This may not be the case with everyone, but the point is I buried my dream. Those who want to learn guitar playing have various underlying reasons as to why they desire that. Some got a guitar as a present; others are kids who want to nurture it as a gift. Well, others like me want to rekindle the zeal they had towards guitar playing.Help Youtuber

Long story short, I actually got to gratify my interest in guitar playing. It was not because I had saved up more money, but because I decided to use internet resources. One of the most reliable hubs for information globally on the internet is YouTube. I owe a lot of thanks to this indispensable platform. I am sure all of you would agree that YouTube has saved your career or hobby at some point.

Having experienced the convenience and simplicity that virtual guitar learning offers, I would recommend it to you. Even with the remarkable information flooding YouTube, you still need to pick the right people to learn from. My learning was not structured; however, I found great tutorials that gave me a sense of direction.

According to, below are some of my favorite YouTube channels that provide beginner to advanced guitar training.

Andy Guitar

This channel is managed and run by Andy Crowley for over 4 years. With his consistency and hard work, he has gathered over 1.6 million subscribers. This specifically reflects his expertise in guitar playing and teaching. The one aspect that greatly amazes me and left a deep impression is his work ethic and dedication. He uploads over 15 videos in a month!

I honestly don’t think I have seen someone pour out this much content in such a short time. He is eloquent and very elaborate during his lessons. He has an entire playlist for a beginner. You could call it a guitar crash course for a beginner. He focuses on acoustic and electric guitar with several music styles. A worthy mention is the fact that he has his own app called “Andy Guitar App.”

Therefore, if what you are looking for is consistency and elaboration in its simplest form, this channel is ideal.

Justin Guitar

The man by the name Justin Sandercoe created his YouTube channel way back in 2003. His vision is to bring top quality and free guitar lessons to everyone who wants to play the guitar. The tutorials go from beginner level to professional. His beginner’s course includes over 100 videos that are great for helping you advance your skills to the next level.

Additionally, there are other courses featuring education for intermediate and professional students. He teaches both electric and acoustic guitar. For those interested in learning Ukulele, this is the channel for you. Apart from theory-based knowledge, he offers some great tips for a more pleasant guitar experience. Some of the tips include buyers’ guide for guitars, time management skills, and goal tracking hacks.

He has an open and amiable personality that makes him relate well with his students. He has a separate channel where he teaches how to play songs of various genres. The channel is called “Justin guitar songs.” If you want more information about his profile, experience, and work, check out his website, “”

Marty Music

Marty Schwartz is an enthusiastic and lively guitarist, I must say. He mashes up his acoustic and guitar lessons with some of the best songs you love. His song lessons help you learn various music genres such as rock, pop, and blues. The songs are in respective playlists.

Many people refer to him as a modern classical musician because his taste is inclined in the ’60s to 80’s music. Many people receive his output well and has up to 2.37million subscribers. He loves sharing information about guitar quality and relating equipment.

I would say that his lessons are song-based. He explores guitar playing techniques of different songs at beginner to advanced level. His videos have clear audio and picture quality. The content includes basic scales, theory, and chords. If you want to learn a specific song right off the bat, Marty Music is all about that.

Guitar Lessons

Nate Savage is the owner of this channel and has over 700k subscribers. His lessons are majorly for beginners. I love how his content is extra and sensitive to every beginner. He has covered beginner topics that seem absurd for an experienced guitarist but essential for a newbie. Some of these topics are about holding a guitar, parts of a guitar, positioning your fingers, and a lot more.

He also shares some of the mistakes he made during his years of guitar playing. I believe that if you implement his lessons, you won’t question your beginner experience. An example of such a situation is watching a video having the title “I wish I knew this as a beginner.”

One of the major lessons I got from him about playing an electric guitar was building your focus. Most people would assume that using the best equipment could make you a better musician, but this is not the case. Nate emphasizes simple goal setting and working towards that. There isn’t a fancy road map leading to remarkable guitar skills.

Simplified Guitar

This is bonus information since its exclusively for beginners. It is suitable for both kids and adults. Jonathan is a Christian guitarist, and his channel includes song tutorials, lessons, and product reviews. This is the best place for a beginner to narrow down their focus to specific aspects. Specificity is simplicity.

Learn how to progress as a newbie by establishing a proper and solid foundation. It does not always work out for someone who wants to learn a little bit of everything. The baby steps also count. Therefore, the simplified guitar is for basic training, practicing, and making progress.

Final Thoughts

I am confident with the fact that YouTube guitar lessons are the best ways to hon your guitar skills. Most of the information on the YouTube channels are ideal for beginners. This is the key reason most guitar teachers launched their channels. To provide a deeper and proper understanding of the techniques of playing the guitar.

I wouldn’t say that I have tried or used all of the guitar channels above, but their content is unique and defined. Because there is an array of channels to choose from, you will find a compatible teacher. I hope your lessons are enlightening, and you will have joy in learning.

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