Top 5 Best Webcams for Youtube and for Twitch Streaming 2020

Webcams are the most important part in the streaming and YouTube gaming channels. The web camera comes at the cheap price you don’t have to spend more money. You just have to start planning to record in front of your computer.

Choosing the best Webcams for Youtube or for any other use, It is so much head pain because there are so many bad possible choices. In this post, however, I have searched and made a list Best Webcams for Youtube and for Twitch Streaming for you so that you don’t have to worry.

In this era of time, so many YouTubers are using the normal camera for the streaming but some of these webcams are still the most popular. The webcam has a downside but I will tell you the solution, So let’s start the 5 Best Webcams for Youtube.

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Top 5 Best Webcams for YouTube and Twitch

​CameraPan and TiltTripod CompatibleResolution

Price / Rating
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920TiltYes1080p30Check on Amazon
​Logitech C922TiltYes1080p30Check on Amazon
Logitech C930eTiltYes1080p30Check on Amazon
Logitech C270TiltNo720p30Check on Amazon
Logitech HD Webcam C310TiltNo720p30Check on Amazon

What First You Need to Know

First, you have to know that it does not matter that what webcam we’re talking about, all of the webcams do not have the best sound recording capacities. These are the best webcams for YouTube and Twitch they have also not free of this issue. Some of the webcams can do the best job for you and some cant But you have to use the good external microphone with the webcams.

1. Your webcam’s microphone is extremely bad

I recommend that if you are a vlogger and make a video for the vlogging channel then you should don’t have to use the webcam mic you will need a good microphone. You feel it cost more the webcam are cheap you can buy with that good mic if you’re serious about this. If you are looking for the cheap microphone then check out this BEST CHEAP MICROPHONES FOR YOUTUBE.

2. Only 1% of webcams can record in resolution 1080p

In the market, there are so many webcams which say that the cam can record 1080p but they are lying to you the most of the cam only record in 720p30. There are some of the exceptions to this rule that are the mainly the first camera I’ll talk about in the following reviews.

3. Pan and zoom functions are almost always digital and decrease image quality

Most of the webcam company clam that the can able to pan, tilt, and zoom. This is the action that is only done by the software you install with the cameras. That is the means that the this is only digital.

What this mean ?

This all means that the webcam only zooms by the expand the image, just like you zoom in the photo in your smartphone or pc. This is the thing which I want to say. The cam does not zoom or in by adjusting the focal length of the lens and they captured the same amount of pixels. the cam just resizes the picture by expanding its pixel. This is the only reason why the webcam footage when the zoom makes the image quality decrease.

What you have to know by this is that the digital zoom doesn’t create a crisp image like the optical zoom.

When zoomed in webcam, the software controllers allow you to ‘pan’ the webcam by simply moving the expanded image to the left or right It does not the camera do.

The best and the good feature of the cam that this can be tilted.

Now you have got the things which is in a market that is dangerous, Now lets ready to start reading some reviews.

Review of the Best Webcams for YouTube and Twitch Streaming

The webcam which is the review here are all capable of the use with Windows, but not all can be used on Mac.

You have to first check carefully the webcam if you are using the Mac. So here are the Best Webcams for YouTube and Twitch Streaming.

The Best Webcam: Logitech HD Pro C920

Logitech HD Pro C920

The Logitech HD Pro C920 is one of my favorite webcams. The webcam is best in the price the cam come and have the features.

The webcam is best because of the impressive recording quality on which it record. I have not got the cam with like, the match this one in quality.

If you are the person who wants this for the record gaming videos you have to buy this because there is no reason you do not buy this.

The focus of the cam is automatic and it can record in the 1080p at 30fps. The image quality which came from this does not look like it’s coming from a webcam.

The only downside of the webcam is the sound recording quality is not very good.

If you are going with the cam you should have to use another microphone. If you cant then use the sound equalized and robotic. You need to speak loud to record the camera to pick up your voice.

The camera is the best choice because of the price in which it comes. The cam has a feature to tilt and pan and it does deliver good quality.

The one of the best features of the webcam is that you can able to mount it on a tripod. You don’t have to hang out the webcam to the top of the monitor, you can use the tripod and record the best video. You can use the best place for your camera and use a small tabletop tripod for it like this Manfrotto.

Remember that the cam does not come with the tripod in the box.

If you use the webcam with the best good USB microphone, then you can get the best video in high quality with low investment.

The one tip which I want to share is that you don’t think that the  C930 or C922 is better than this one just because they’re newer in the market. The truth is that the old model has seen fewer issues and it processes video faster. If they are selling you the C922 as optimized for streaming don’t buy that. That’s a half-truth, and this one is more even cheaper than that.


  • Most Popular Webcam for content creation
  • Comes with Highest recording quality
  • Have Compatible with tripods


  • Comes with Only digital zoom

Best Webcam for ​Streaming​: Logitech C922

 Logitech C922

In the past, most of the Twitch streamers were buying the C920 so the Logitech realized and launched a tailored version for them. That is the Logitech C922.

The recording quality of the Logitech C922 is the same as the C920 which comes for less price. This also has additional incentives for vloggers.

The best and the most and the valuable feature of the cam is that this can remove the background of what the green screen able too so.

The camera has the feature to recognize human shapes so that cam can remove everything else the human. So with this camera you can use whatever background you want to use.

See in the pics how it works :

Best Webcams for Youtube
Best Webcams for Youtube

Help Youtuber

​Photo credits: EposVox, ​Husham Memar, ​Str8 ​Garbage ​Gamer

As you can see in the photo without having the green screen background you can do.But dont think that this work best because it can not replace.

On the other, the camera can only mention that it can record 720p at 60 but the C920 is capped at 30fps. Still, it can only record at 30 frames per second in 1080p, so it’s unlikely you’ll be using this feature.

The camera comes with the 6-month X​Split license if you are purchasing by the  Amazon. The license which you get is the streaming software that is preferred by some over the popular and free OBS that most streamers use.

The difference in the price is not a matter but the function is the matter but you can get the really find these features useful. But you can still buy the C920 and a cheap backdrop​ so that it will​ get a better result with the background removal if you do it right. There are so many high things ​You can also use a high-quality green screen ​that you can store easily instead. LIke ElGato’s portable screen.


  • ​Background removal feature
  • Highest recording quality
  • Compatible with tripods
  • ​6 months license XSplit


  • Only digital zoom
  • ​Little improvements over the C920 but more expensive
  • ​Background removal ​not as good as using a green screen

Newer Alternative to the C920: Logitech C930e

Logitech C930e

The Logitech C930e one of the webcam for youtube. The cam is the upgrade version of the C920 but it is more expensive than that. This comes with the  UVC H.264 which means that they all encoding process will be done by the camera so that this does not want the  PC’s resources.

The cam has the 4x zoom and has a wider 90-degree pan.

In the online, some customer has the problem with the cam that is the slow running and other so many. That is why I listed this on 3rd and C920 as the first option.

And also for this, you are paying more money that C920 webcam, this camera doesn’t feel like it comes with any significant improvement.


  • High-quality just as the C920
  • It can tilt and pan


  • More expensive that of the C920 but almost no improvements
  • Does not have optical zoom

720p Webcam Alternatives

Logitech HD Webcam C270

Help Youtuber

The Logitech HD Webcam C270 is the lowest quality camera on the list but the price is so much cheap and this is the only web camera that is best in the recording of 720p webcam for vlogging, This is the best deal in cheap price.

The resolution of the camera is not so bad for vlogging especially when you are just starting. In this time also not everyone can notice a great difference between 720p30 and 1080p30.

The quality o the video its all depend on the  YouTube channel.

Like vise: If you a youtube streamer then you probably don’t have the issue because the recording 720p will not matter at all since you will probably show yourself in a small frame.

Thanks to the low price and good recording quality so that only this is one of the best-seller webcams. This should be the one which you can buy if you don’t mind not getting a 1080p video.


  • The best option for low budgets​
  • Tilt-up and down


  • No 1080p recording

Logitech HD Webcam C310

Logitech HD Webcam C310

The Logitech HD Webcam C310 is the alternative to the C270.

The cam can record 720p at 30fps and provide  pretty good quality in a moderately lit room

The microphone of the can comes with the noise suppression and it’s pretty decent for the price.  The image quality of the cam is really good for this cheap.

The lens of the cam does not quite that wide. With this, you can not able to show too much of your surroundings, but this cam I like. This can help you to grow much and depend on what you want to achieve.  I don’t want to prefer the fisheye lens because the perspective distortion it creates is uncomfortable for viewers after a while.


  • Good quality for a cheap price
  • Decent microphone for the price


No 1080p recording


Hopefully, this article steered you in the right direction of finding the Best Webcams for Youtube and for Twitch Streaming. BUy the webcam for youtube or Webcam for twitch according to the uses of the camera by the budget you want to spend.

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