Top 5 Best Lighting Equipment For YouTube Videos And TikTok Videos

Make sure that you have the Best Lighting Equipment For YouTube Videos And TikTok Videos because the Best Lighting Equipment only boosts your videos to look dashing and the best video to capture. In this time every YouTuber and tiktoker transform their small room to the full-scale shooting studios. They buy DSLR green-screens, tripods and lighting equipment.

The best product or item which you have needed when recording videos is Best Lighting Equipment.

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Top 5 Best Lighting Equipment For YouTube Videos And TikTok Videos

Why you should use Lighting Equipment when you have natural light?

When you are shooting videos indoor or at night you have to need the Lighting Equipment at that time you don’t have the natural light. If the natural light is not coming to your room your videos can suffer and the video not shoots best. This is the best YouTuber lights also.

If you still not get the points then here’s a list of pros 

  • You can shoot your video whenever you want at night or day.
  • There are so many ways you can customize the light effect like diffusers, grid, shape, etc
  • You have the control you can change direction adjust light and other parameters of your light this cannot possible with natural light.
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If you are so much hurry then look at this table you will get all the products.

Best Lighting Equipment For YouTube Videos And TikTok Videos Comparison Table

Stellar Photo Ring Light5500K Lamps$$4.6StudioFind Out More
StudioFXSoftbox2400 Watts$$ 4.5StudioFind Out More
FrancierstudioSoftbox2400 Watts$$$$ 4.7StudioFind Out More
LimoStudioBox Light500 LEDs 4.5StudioFind Out More
LimoStudio Ring Light600 Watts$$ 4.5StudioFind Out More

Remember, as long as you’re smart, you don’t have to spend a fortune on external lighting. Buying according to your requirements is the key, which will get you a great illuminator at a fair price.

Different Types Of Lighting Equipment

Before we get started the best lighting equipment for Youtube videos,  I have to explain to you some terminology and meanings of some of the most used lighting equipment for video production and YouTube videos.

Softbox Lights

Softbox Lights

A softbox is a lightbox that does the natural light emulator that tries to duplicate the natural light coming from a window. It diffuses the lighting from the source by transmitting it through a diffusion panel.

There are so many different kinds of the softbox and different shapes of the softbox e.g. rectangular, octagonal, square, etc. The uses off soft box are to reduce the strain on your flash for obtaining the same lens aperture.

Softbox is a generally cheaper option when you compare this to the other artificial lighting sources which makes them great picks.

Umbrella Lights

Umbrella Lights

Umbrella Lights are the best lights that are so much cheap to buy and can use in so many types of video work when you are recording video for youtube or TikTok. The Umbrella Lights provides a videographer/YouTuber with a soft light source.

The umbrella Lights are unlike softboxes that provide directional control, umbrellas have a more unrestricted type of lighting. There are majorly two types of umbrellas, reflective and shoot-through.

Ring Lights

Ring Lights

The Best use of the ring light is to use in shadowless lighting. The lens of your phone or lens sits in the middle of the light source. This means that the light will help to showcase your face very bright and very attractive this is the use of ring lights. The light is for your portrait photoshoot or videos and nowadays every TikTok user uses the ring right and which is best for TikTokr because they are in the very distance.

With ring light the object which is in the center of light that will showcase everything clear because the light is coming from every direction.

Even this is use full in non-photography, this is using for the makeup and this is non-directional light is so much useful. The best advantage of this is that the face and shoulder of your look so much view portrait or video causes a wonderful shadow and light effect that looks so much halo of shadow falling away from the subject.

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Important Features a Good Lighting Setup Should Have are:-

You should have to know about the Important Features a Good Lighting Setup Should Have because it will help you so much for your studio how you can use of the top features to look for within a studio light:

  • Adjustable Beam Spread: The light which you want to purchase should allow you to adjust the beam spread, as well as the direction of propagation.
  • Stand Height: The light stand that comes within the kit should be durable and adjustable so that it can be used within multiple environments and for a variety of shoots.
  • Portability: How portable do you want it to be? If you plan on shooting indoors then portability won’t be an issue however if your videos will have a different setting every single time, then this has to be considered.

We have taken the best light Equipment for you are here:

Top 5 Best Lighting Equipment For YouTube Videos And TikTok Videos

1. Stellar Photo/Video 18” CFL Ring Light

Top 5 Best Lighting Equipment For YouTube Videos And TikTok Videos

You can use Stellar Photo/Video 18” CFL Ring Light in almost every kind of shoot this is the best part of this light and this is the top choice of the professional-grade videographers. It is highly recommended by so many people and this light will give you so many amazing results in your videos. This makes it ideal for any YouTuber who plans to record in a set location such as a studio or room.

As this light is fluorescent light it is the best thing it does not produce heat & won’t overheat in any case. 

The Stellar light has also the feature of adjusting brightness you can use with natural light also.

The light is also provided adjustable movement for varying environments, which is a necessity for YouTube Vloggers.

Weighing at only 14 pounds, the light is great for all travelling purposes. There is a carrying case as well as smartphone grip add to the usability of this already superb light. If you are after a affordable and high quality light source, this might be the one for you! Highly recommend!


  • 500W ring light with 5500k Daylight bulb included
  • Camera mounts to the inside of the light ring
  • Includes mounting bracket for cameras on tripods, as well as gooseneck for flexible mounting on light stands
  • Comes with 6′ Diva Ring Light stand


2. StudioFX 2400 Watt Large Photography Softbox

Top 5 Best Lighting Equipment For YouTube Videos And TikTok Videos

The StudioFX 2400 Watt Large Photography Softbox is a softbox light that is 3 piece lighting system that has 2 softboxes and an overhead hairlight boom softbox. StudioFX 2400 Watt Large Photography Softbox is built for the multipurpose operation and supports 5 bulbs on each softbox, with an individual on/off control.

For the TikTok and YouTuber this is best for their studio, With this lighting, the studio also looks so much good and as it has a complete continuous lighting system, background support stands as well as backdrops for perfect setup within a studio.


This light is best for all the major camera brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc, this is one of the most useful and high-performance kits out there. You can’t go wrong with this one!


  • Three 16″X24″ Softbox
  • 3 x Lightstand 7′ tall (One Boom Arm with Sandbag)
  • 3 x Light head able to hold 4 bulbs each
  • 12 x 45watt photo video fluorescent bulbs 5500k Daylight Balance Bulbs
  • Free Deluxe Carrying Case Included Able To Fit the Whole Kit In One Bag


3. Fancierstudio 2400 Watt Professional Lighting Kit

Best Lighting Equipment For YouTube

The Fancierstudio 2400 Watt Professional Lighting Kit is 3rd in our list of Best Lighting Equipment For YouTube because it has 3 best 3 good reasons!

This is a lighting kit that is used by so many professionals and this work in all kinds of situations. While this has a wide range of applications, it is most suitable for makeup tutorials, product reviews, interviews, and even video podcasts!

This has a boom arm that works seamlessly as highlight in conjunction with the other two stands that fill light from the opposite sides. In addition, you can use it and this is great for shooting multiple subjects within a single frame.

This is best for you when you are recording with natural light but when you are shooting at dark at that time the ring light or umbrella light might be more beneficial. 


  • Professional Photography Equipment: photo studio lighting with two 16-Inch x 24-Inch and One 16-Inch x 16- Inch softbox lights
  • Complete lighting kit: softbox lights with 3 x light stands 6′ tall (one boom arm with sandbag)
  • Photo and video studio lighting: includes 3 x light heads able to hold 4 bulbs each
  • Daylight studio lights: 12 x 45-watt photo video fluorescent bulbs and 5500k daylight balanced bulbs for premium quality studio lights
  • Carrying case: studio kit includes deluxe carrying case large enough to fit the entire kit in one bag


4. LimoStudio LED Lighting Kit AGG1089

Best Lighting Equipment For YouTube

LimoStudio LED Lighting Kit AGG1089 lighting panel offers you the best light for youtube it has healthy alternatives to fluorescent lighting kits.

Don’t think that it is not good because it is in the 4th position in the list. The LimoStudio LED has packed a punch as powerful as fluorescent kits. The kit produces soft & diffused light, which is best for all conditions. The stand of this kit has a wheel from which you can move this light to shoot the best videos of your youtube channel.

Led light is best when you are starting your youtube channel on a budget as they produce a greater amount of light compared to a fluorescent kit at the same price.


  • Contents: 2 x LED Photo Lighting Panel / 2 x Light Stand Tripod / 1 x Carry Bag
  • LED 512 Light Fixture: 35W / 3584 Lumen / 5600K Color Temperature / Brightness Control
  • Efficiently Creates Soft and Even Lighting for Studio Environment
  • Light Stand Tripod: Max 60 inch Height / 1.25 inch Standard Screw Thread on Top


5. LimoStudio Dimmable Fluorescent Round Ring Light

Best Lighting Equipment For YouTube

The LimoStudio Dimmable Fluorescent Round Ring Light is best for all the environmental conditions epically when you are recording videos closely and in the dark situation, this is the best at that time.

The ring light is best for recording videos of make-up tutorials, interviews, speaking into the camera or any close recording needs.

The kit is compatible with all the DSLR and it has a hot shoe mount adapter and is mountable on any light. This has the ability to insert  the camera in the center of the ring light which will produce the very natural and vibrant shadowless look

The best part of using the ring light such as this one is that it uses a gooseneck which allows for a lot of adjustment when recording. This means you can adjust just like a tripod to your desired location.

This is compatible with all the DSLR and all mobile and this can be best for you if you want a ring light and for TikTok video.


  • [1 x] 12-inch Fluorescent Ring Light
  • [1 x] Cellphone Spring Clip Holder
  • [1 x] Camera Mount Adapter
  • [1 x] Carry Bag
  • 13-inch Fluorescent Ring Light
  • Light stand
  • Cellphone Spring Clip holder
  • Camera Mount Adapter


I hope you get the best Lighting Equipment For YouTube which you are looking for. There are so many other options also but these 5 are the best one for a Youtuber looking to transform his/her video arsenal into something substantial & professional.

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