Top 10 Best Free YouTube Downloaders 2020

There are so many people who are addicted to watching YouTube videos daily and the internet does not trave with them so they have to download the video to watch when they have an internet connection. So you have to download the videos here is the Top 10 Best Free YouTube Downloaders.

Before we start here are the some reasons why you might want to download a YouTube video.

  • Slow internet connection: If you have a slow internet connection, can’t able watch videos properly then you can download the videos by the YouTube Downloader. You can save the video and watch it. when you are downloading the video at that time you also do the task and the download will be in the background. Also, you can download the entire playlist from YouTube Downloaders
  • Offline viewing: In this, the YouTube downloaders work best because there are so many people who travel in planes and want to watch Youtube videos at that time you can download the videos and watch in the plane.
  • Backing up your own content: There are so many YouTubers who want to save the youtube videos which they have published at that time the Free YouTube Downloaders work the best and they can save youtube videos and make it back up and use whenever they want. Those who want to download their old videos this technique work so much best.

Is downloading YouTube videos legal?

Before you use this 3rd party website to download make sure that that you have permission from the copyright owner of the content. Read YouTube’s terms of service, downloading videos without permission is explicitly prohibited.

Top 10 Best Free YouTube Downloaders

1. Free YouTube Download

free youtube downloader

You don’t need to search like a rocket scientist that to know what this program does!  Free YouTube Downloader is software is designed for only one thing: download videos.

  • Allows multi-video downloading
  • Allows the user to select the quality of the video
  • Converts videos into so many other formats like mp3

This is my favorite which is used for our list. It gave the fastest speed to download the video, easy to use and have so many lots of function. The software has the facility to select the video quality to download.


The downloader is so much easy to use you only ]have to paste the URL. If you have given permission to auto-downloading option then it will download automatically. It does not want any money to use it is free and run in Mac and PC.


After I used so much the  Free YouTube Download i is quite hard to get the fault in it. It provides me all the thinks what I want which was great. The only thing which can I prefer is that the modern user interface. All around it is the best tool to use for you and that why it is in the first in my list.

2. 4K Video Downloader

4k video downloader Best Free Youtube Downloaders

The 4K Video Downloader is free of ads, simple and -free YouTube downloads. The software provides the best feature. so much safest to use and provides comprehensive YouTube downloading capabilities..The best features are:-

  • Have so many websites other than youtube
  • The entire playlist can be downloaded at a time.
  • Have the capacity to download 4K & 360-degree videos


4K Video Downloader is so much superb to download the 4k and 360-degree videos. Video Downloader only requires the video URL to download the videos with a single click. The downloader has the feature to supports multi-stream downloading that speeds up downloads while eliminating any risk of getting the IP address blocked.


The downloader is free and paid also but the free version has some limitations.The limitation is on the version’s inability to download playlists with more than 24 videos. The free version does not  put you in a tight spot with the video’s source website, the quality, or its download speed.

3. WinX YouTube Downloader

winx youtube downloader

Most of the people who are looking for to make YouTube videos work offline are not looking for an overloaded or fancy software to download videos. They only want to get the work done.

WinX YouTube Downloader is one of the best free YouTube downloaders available on the internet. It has the features:

  • Can download videos from 300+ sites other than YouTube
  • Support to Download 8K quality videos
  • Can Convert videos in so many formats such as FLV, 3GP, etc. 


The downloader have the feature to download the video in any resolutions and support the batch download. It is absolutely free to use so it does not have any limitations.


The interface of the Wix downloader is outdated and it does not have the out on some of the more advanced features such as multi-stream downloads.

4. Any Video Converter Free

any video converter free youtube downloader

Don’t judge this software by its name, it can do so much what you are thinking.Any Video Converter Free is a YouTuber downloader and capable of doing:

  • It can download videos from so many websites
  • Do Tailoring videos through an inbuilt video editor
  • Has the feature to convert videos


This is one of the best free YouTube downloaders available but it has some limitations in free version put in on hold. The interface of this is fluid and requires little interference once a download has begun. once you downloaded the video you can edit and can change in so many formats and save the video.


The free version of this comes with the adware such as ByteFence and Yahoo software so be sure you do decline that. The software cant download in batch in free version You can buy the premium version and download it in batch. This are the two disadvantage that why it is not top on the list.

5. ISkySoft Video Downloader

ISkySoft Video Downloader is one of the best youtube downloaders there is, this is so much simple to use yet effective software.The highlighted feature of this:

  • Have the feature to download both video & audio from so many 100s of websites
  • Can download the full YouTube playlists
  • This can convert videos in more than 153 formats


This is available for both Windows & Mac, This simple YouTube downloader give the permission to download & convert video files from YouTube. .If you want the audio-only from the video that can be also done by this ISkySoft Video Downloader.


There are so many features that are free but some limitation is there you can bu=y and can use all the features. The batch downloading and the video convert only work when you purchase the software. You can do basic from this, YouTube downloading tasks.

6. FastestTube

fastest tube best free youtube downloader

Did you really need a software program installed on your computer or laptop in order to download YouTube videos? No, You can download the video directly from this extension without using any software on your computer or laptop. Fastesttube is a web browser extension that provides you to download the videos.


The extension work with the popular browser like the Internet Explorer, Chrome & Firefox. You may download video on the high variety of qualities as high as 1080p, while at the same time you can enabling/disabling additions such as annotations, auto-play, and ads. This is the best of this interface and removes all the hassle of opening up separate software for downloading videos.


As Google does not want you to download the youtube videos or free You will have to download this extension from FastestTube’s website and have to install it from thereon. his can be undesirable for so many people who are looking for the quick -fix.

7. Freemake Video Downloader

If you are searching for the free who provide all the feature then this would be the best free YouTube downloader available. Not this website to download videos from youtube but from websites such as Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.

  • Easy to use and copy/paste mechanism
  • Convert videos into so many multiple formats
  • Extract audio from the video directly


This Freemake Video Downloader has the best intuitive interface, It has the support of the one-click mode which makes downloading videos a cake-walk. You have to set up first for downloading, extracting & converting, and from thereon, all setup then feel free to download the videos. On last you have to only do click then your work will start.


When you download so many videos at the same time the application tends to get bogged down. Most of it not happen.

8. ClipGrab

clipgrab video downloader

ClipGrab is designed for the easy to use in the process of downloading videos. This works in so many sites to download video youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. This is one of the best to download videos for free.The feature which you want:

  • The interface is so much set for novice users
  • This has the search option to search for videos
  • Can download videos in any format/quality that you want


The Clickgrab is a has the feature to search video in it as I already mentioned, from this you don’t have to open the browser, select the video which you want and then select quality and the format and click on the download button that all you have to do for download Youtube video for free.

If you do not get the video in the search bar you also can paste URL and select the quality and the format of video and start down downloading. The software has the facility to download the audio-only from the video which every song lover wants to download songs.


The software comes with the add on of the adware such as Yahoo & ByteFence, be sure that you avoid this. In addition, you will only need to be really specific while carrying out a video search as the results only contain 12 entries.

9. All Video Downloader 

all video downloader youtube

All software work on the same principle as the ClipGrab.It let to search video without opening the browser and select the format and quality and download the video. This soft has Youtube and other than that it has the search engine includes sites such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.

  • Built on simple & Have the fluid interface
  • Feature to download in batch
  • Allows video conversion


the operation which you have to do is so much simple and best for the beginner users. It has the added feature to download videos and configure the application to extract audio on its own. You can convert the videos in so many formats and can see in so many separate devices later.


The batch downloading in this is limited to use. You can download 2 videos at a time and only convert four at any given time.

10. aTube Catcher

atube catcher Best Free Youtube Downloaders

aTube Catcher is one of the best YouTube Downloader. In addition to the normal operation, you can convert files into different video formats. The feature of this are:

  • Allow Batch downloading
  • It has a Batch conversion for viewing in PC, Mac or Mobile
  • Provide Top speed availability 


aTube is one of the best free YouTube downloaders which have the top-notch downloading capabilities. When you have selected the URL then you have to select the quality of the video and start downloading. You can also record videos on-screen and burn them on a CD/DVD if you like.


The story does not end with this. The installer does try so much to sneak up on you through adware, which is of course not installed if you decline the offer to install.

How To Use a Free YouTube Downloader

When it came to downloading the youtube videos there are so many ways to download the videos. You can use the YouTube premium version if you want all the features to unlock and do the best work to download the video as my views you don’t have to invest in this tool because for free also you can do you all work.

This tools and the software are the best way to download videos by the URL when you have permission to download the videos (YouTubes terms and conditions)

Once you have selected your video and copy the URL then you have to paste it in software and select the format like Mp4 and start downloading the video. We always recommend you to download the video in the Mp4 as its a lossless compression and is great storage wise.

Depending upon your network speed the video starts to download and take time depending upon the size of the videos.


This is the full article to download Youtube videos for free. If you are looking for How you can become YouTuber you can check my guide. If you want to know about the best light then check this top 5 Best Lighting Equipment For YouTube Videos And TikTok Videos.


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