You are looking for the BEST CHEAP VLOGGING CAMERAS then you have visited the right place to read the full article you will get your camera for cheap. In this article best cheap vlog cameras are featured which you can use to make the best vlog for your channel.

In your video which you make for the youtube the sound quality matter more than the video quality so fist you buy the best microphone to record the audio.

You can start your videos to record in 1080p from the pretty cheap camera.

Here is the full list of the best cheap vlogging cameras for YouTube with this camera you can start as soon as possible.

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Best Cheap Cameras for YouTube Vlogging Comparison

​CameraFlip ScreenMic. Jack​ResolutionPrice / Our Rating
​Canon VIXIA HF R800YesYes​1080p​60

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​Canon PowerShot ELPH 360NoNo​1080p​30

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​Sony DSCHX90YesNo​1080p60

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​Nikon COOLPIX B500NoNo1080p30Check On Amazon
​GoPro Hero 7 SilverNoNo​2160p (4k)

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Save Money on a Camera, but Spend More on Sound

The money which you spend on the camera can be saved and you can buy the best cheap microphone which will provide you the best quality to record so that the video audio will be so much good and the views will watch the video fully. So always make sure that you have the best mic for youtube.

The camera which I listed in this article is most not have the external microphone input but you can record the voice by the smartphone which you have by plugin the microphone.

I had said already but i repeat that the audio quality is lot more important than image quality.

Let’s talk about the camera, more expensive the camera is the quality will also be more as like I this list we have a cheap vlogging camera but the quality of this is so much good and you can start with this camera and you can make so much best video.

The camera record in the 1080p and you also don’t think that this camera cant record in the night this will work so much best in the dark also, cheap but so much provide value. My suggestion is if you have a cheap camera then don’t record videos at night.

Why You Probably Don’t Even Need a New Camera

Listen to my word so much care you can save so much money.

On the internet, every review tells you the list so that they can make the cut of amazon and earn money but I will not do like this I am host with you.

If you have the smartphone from 2 years back then that phone would be more enough to start the vlogging because you also don’t know you get success or not in the vlogging field so make some videos with the smartphone an analyze if you are getting views and subscriber then you should more to the camera so that you make so much best video for your audience.

The quality of the video which you get from a cheap camera is not much higher than the smartphone. If you have then used that only and when you popular then spend in the best camera for youtube and make quality videos.

The Flagship smartphones are the phones which are designed foe the great camera to justify their high price.

Top 5 Best Cheap Vlogging Cameras for YouTube

1. Canon VIXIA HF R800

The Canon VIXIA HF R800 is the best Budget Camera for Youtube Vlogging according to mu opinion because of the function of the camera that this provision in cheap price.

Canon VIXIA HF R800

The camera is the only a camcorder which is in the list of best cheap cameras. This is the best budget video camera for YouTube.The camera is capable of recording the video more time than the compact camera and cames with so many features which will help when you vlog with the camera.

The specification which came from this came is found in expensive DSLRs. Like the fully articulating screen and an external microphone port.

The camera is so much best in the cheap price.

The camera is capable of recording 1080p60 video and also allows you to record slow-motion.

The quality of the recording video is so much really good and has nothing to envy to higher-priced cameras, As long when you are recording in decent lighting because this camera is camcorder this can lose a lot of quality in low light due to its small sensor.

The ELPH 360HS camera performs better in low light because it has the larger sensor but this one comes with a lot of good function which is so many useful features for vloggers that I still consider it one of my favorite budget vlog camera.

If you have already a DSLR the also i suggest you this can be backup camera to use for outdoor.

The camera is small which can carry easily. The drawback of this camera is the wireless connection. However, the canon has released a couple of versions of this camera that has the wireless and internal storage for a higher price which is the  R80 and R82. The R80 comes with the price of  300$ mark with the 16GB of internal storage. The R82 much expensive than both but has the  32GB I don’t recommend you to but these two.


  • ​Small, cheap and lightweight
  • ​1080p60 allows slow-mo
  • ​Flip-out screen
  • ​External mic port


  • ​Needs good lighting
  • ​Wi-Fi for an extra cost


2. Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS

 Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS

If you think that you cant record good vlogs for under $200 then wait you will find the best vlogging camera in cheap price. I will show one video recorded by the Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS.

Want you need to start the vlogging channel by the camera you only need to just hit the record button. You don’t wany so much expensive camera that needs an entire crew behind to work. My suggestion vlogger should purchase the first cheap vlogging camera then start creating content as soon as possible.

The canon 360 HS is good for vlogger not only because the camera can record in 1080p video for that price but the microphones are also so much pretty decent to record.

The microphone is decent because the mic is located in the front part of the camera’s body. The front mic allows the mic to record your voice easier and you won’t cover them accidentally with your fingers while recording.

You can see in the video that the camera record in best quality as long as you record with good lighting. This camera is just fine for logging in the sunlight

You will find the camera recording quality decreases when recording in the dark because of the low-light performance if you looking for a cheap camera then you cant take this as the problem.

For this price you are getting the nice audio, resolution, Wifi, OIS, decent autofocus and even manual focusing mode just if you need it.

The Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS is one of the cheapest daily vlogging cameras and there is no reason not to look for this camera to start making out and see if vlogging is for you.


  • ​Pocketable
  • ​All the basics for vloggers
  • ​Cheap price
  • ​Microphones located on the front


  • ​No flip screen
  • ​No slow-motion
  • No external mic port



3. Sony DSCHX90

Sony DSCHX90

The Sony DSCHX90 provides the best really good value to vloggers and this can be the best cheap vlog camera. It just the camera which has all the feature that the vlogger want in the camera to make the best quality vlogs. It came at less price and save on extra features they don’t care about.

The missing feature of the camera is the missing microphone port but it is not the issue because you can’t complain about this price:

The camera offers you to record in 1080p60 comes with a flip-up screen, 5-axis image stabilization, wifi and even time-lapse features with Sony’s photography app.

You are getting the camera that can record the top resolution before 4k which also has the slow-motion, you can play with that and make videos.

When you record videos walking then also you get a really smooth video because of the image stabilization the camera has.

Knowing all of this I also mention that the downside of the camera is the Microphone. The recording of the mic is not good then I mention in the list but the image and video quality are good. You can record your voice by your smartphone or by any other microphone and take shoot by the camera

The price is not so much cheap on the list but the camera I fount that amazing balance for vloggers and it still can be considered a cheap camera amazing balance for vloggers and it still can be considered a cheap camera.

The performance in the low light good compared to all the cameras but this is not best at this price either. This is not shocking because of the due to its small size and cheap price.


  • ​1080p60 allows slow-mo
  • ​Small and lightweight​​​​​
  • ​Flip-up screen
  • ​Time-lapse and more through apps


  • ​A bit more expensive
  • ​No mic jack
  • ​Microphones located on the top


4. Nikon COOLPIX B500

Nikon COOLPIX B500

The Nikon COOLPIX B500 is one my favorite camera for vlogs because of a couple of things:

The grip of the camera i like it. The camera fully look like the DSLR  but not heavl like the DSLRsit’s lighter and more comfortable to carry around.

The camera is good that provides really good that it can offer full-HD 1080p30 video recording. It cames with the optical image stabilization and also has a really high zoom. The camera is best for those who travel and record or take a photo of nature since you will find its zoom really handy in these situations.

The back draw of the camera is heavier than the other camera which is listed in the article best cheap vlogging camera but the camera is not heaver that the DSLRs and also much better than the DSLR.

Also the camera does not have the microphone port but it’s not accepted in the price the camera comes.

It’s not necessary to say but I am saying that the look of the camera I really like. Still, this is mot the reason why this camera is on the list but this camera offer really good quality for the price and best cheap video blogging cameras.

If you are a daily vlogger than I wouldn’t recommend it. The camera is used for Youtuber who records in the home.


  • ​Better for indoors
  • ​Can be attached to a tripod
  • ​Large zoom


  • ​Heavy
  • No external mic port
  • ​No flip screen



5. GoPro Hero 7 Silver

 GoPro Hero 7 Silver

The GoPro Hero 7 Silver is not for every situation to record but the camera comes pretty cheaply which provides a lot for your money.

The Camera looks little but it can record crips 4k video with the help of the really small sensor and a wide-angle lens.

The go pro is used for the long period of recording and the fisheye lens can even make some of your viewers sick. The cameras are best and made for sports and action vlogging.

The hero 7 version has improved microphones compare to the versions of the go pro previous versions and the camera is os much really good thing.

The camera mic is not located on the front of the camera so that can be troubling picking up your voice. but it’s not so much big issue.

Use the external recorder or microphone to get the best out of it which I always recommended by the use of the camera in the lost.


  • 4k video recording
  • ​Cheap action camera
  • ​Small and can be attached to your body


  • Fixed fish-eye lens without zoom
  • You may have to buy a lot of extra accessories



I hope you liked the article and This is the best cheap vlogging camera for youtube. Choose the camera according to the uses of yours. From starting of the youtube channel if you are not getting views don’t be quit the youtube put videos and you will get success. If you are looking for How to become Youtuber in 2020 then check. Rank on youtube and get more views and you will be making more videos than.

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